Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Fix Berries

Dear Mouse,

So, I don't have a microwave. Call me old fashioned. I've lived with them in the short term but remain unconvinced that they are necessary. However, I've come to see that they're good for a few nifty tricks.

While I was in Louisville I often made this quick, sloppy, fake-pie dessert that involved putting a bunch of fruit in a bowl with a pat of butter, some sugar and maybe a sprinkle of oatmeal and then microwaving it til it went a bit soft and warm. Some vanilla ice cream and there you have it, hold the crust.

A few days ago I went a little crazy at Trader Joe's and bought 4 POUNDS of berries because they were on sale. 2 lbs straw, 2lbs blues. I've been eating them diligently but by this morning the berries in my fridge were kind of dry and withery looking. I didn't want to eat them, but I didn't want to just throw them away and admit defeated bargain shopping.

This morning at work I noticed the office microwave. I dumped the leftover berries in a bowl and stuck them in the MW - no sugar, no nothing - on high for one minute. I was curious and didn't have much to lose.

When they came out they were plumped up, warm, and juicy, bursting on the tongue. As if they had gone to Berry Spa to be rejuvenated.

I highly recommend this technique. I also think itd be lovely over oatmeal.

The Boo


Anonymous said...

What a great entry! Inspiring, challenging, impressive and creative...i see the future here.....

luis18 said...

microwaving berries??? that's crazy talk. I wish I could try this, but I haven't had a microwave in over 10 years.

my mom used to microwave her cereal. When I say cereal, I mean like her honey bunches of oats, not oatmeal. So bizarre. I don't think it was nearly as delicious as the berries. I just think she wanted to feel fancy.

annie said...

who is "anonymous" ? i love you guys. and i love this entry. b/c i like to use the microwave at work b/c i don't rock one at home. but challenging? :)

The Mouse said...

I think that first comment was meant for the following post, if you must know, annie :)