Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MouseBouche Gets Published!

Dear Mouse,

It's Election Day, we survived Hurricane Sandy and three days in the dark, we had midnight Halloween snacks by candlelight, your theatre company raised a ton of money, you saved some clients' lives, and I opened a show ...

all of which deserves discussion. But for now I think I'll just limit this post to the Really Big News...

...Someone paid us to write about food!!!

A hearty electionsandyweenblackoutlifesavingtechweekopening round of applause to the good people at YourTango.com for commissioning two articles from us about the intersection between LOVE and FOOD for their "Breakfast Love and Dinner" series. (A personal shout out to them also for providing the titles, as I've never been any good at that.)

 Without further ado, here's "9 Ways to Celebrate a Special Occasion On the Cheap", from The Mouse


" 4 Incredible Love Lessons We Can All Learn From Cooking", from The Boo.

My original assignment was "How Writing a Food Blog With My Sister Has Helped my Love Life". I volunteered for that one just to find out what I'd say. :))

More soon.  Hope all of our readers are safe, warm, AND VOTING!


The Boo