Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spell Check

Dear Boo,

I will forgive you for not having your camera with you to capture "Snacks" man (aka my future husband) if you can forgive me for posting this even though it has very little to do with food. I just think misspellings are really funny. In fact, I was just having a conversation at dinner tonight about how I'm thinking of starting a proofreading company for restaurant menus (the one we were at tonight featured a "vebetable sautee"). In our hometown, Hunan East had a menu item which was described as something-something "with BREAD CRAP." Hours of enjoyment, people. HOURS. Note from Boo: But what were they trying to spell?

So you can imagine my delight when, walking through Union Square the other day, I was handed this flier: (you can skip to the last sentence if you're impatient. it's the kicker)

I'll show YOU some glorious feet:*

(Incidentally, when handed this flier I had just bought the most gorgeous and delicious blackberries at the Greenmarket. See?

Go get some. Now. $7 for a box of blueberries and one of blackberries.
Note: How come the last time I went for the "2 for $7" I had MoldBerries?

So I guess everything really does come back to food. Ah, just as it should be.)

The Mouse

*Little known fact that The Boo is actually a Ford foot model. No joke. I'd post a pic of her feet but those tootsies don't get out of bed for less than $10,000. Note: On behalf of Nonpracticing Foot Models everywhere, I say go girl.

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