Saturday, August 9, 2008

Half-Assed Poll Results are In!

Dear Mouse, 

Looks like five of our readers a) know that we have polls and b) vote in them, which kind of info was the sneaky aim of my creating the "What is the Point of our Polls" Poll.

Official Finding:  People know that the point is to create debate and chitchat in the AMB commnity.

Unofficial Finding: The AMB community is five people. (No, I know there are more.) And also that the polls have not yet 'taken off' , as it were. 

What if we asked our readers to come up with a poll idea? Like, something food-related they want to throw out for debate? 

I can always run a poll on that to see if it's a good idea...

The Boo
P.S. I'm going to amend my Juice entry from a while back to say that I think Liquiteria on 2nd Ave tops them all. Best value, really... take a couple of bottles home and they'll get you through a few mornings. 

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