Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Je ne regrette rien

Dear Mouse,

Yesterday I saw a guy in the subway who had the word "SNACKS" in gothic font tattooed on his forearm.

Can you ever forgive me for not having my camera handy?

The Boo

P.S. Remind me that we need to go eat a burger here after August 25 (Shakespeare Lab showcase at the Public),  when I can cut loose a little.  My friend says they have a burger WITH CHEESE INSIDE IT. 


Corwyn said...

Ooh, the internal cheeseburger. That sounds like something I need to try to make. Damn, now I'm hungry... I should know better than to read your blog just before bed; it usually makes me hungry.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to call your attention to the following link:

This was maybe 15 biking minutes from my boyhood home. They are, as the website says, the progenitors (though I think they use a more common word) of the "Juicy Lucy", the original "burger with cheese inside it."

I recommend AMB take a field trip there in conjunction with a Minnesota State Fair culinary research trip (where everything is deep fried on a stick, except for the mini donuts, which are perfect as they are, stickless). The Fair runs late August through Labor Day.

The Mouse said...

DONE. Who's got a car?

whatever wendy said...

re: things stuffed with cheese. i think of the kasse kreiner. i didn't try one last time we toured to vienna. i will this time. but i googled it. and this guy's blog came up. bc he ate one after an austrian night out on the town .... oh, tal. he writes about food & 'the ladies' ... really, tal - really?

The Mouse said...

I love that you have the option on all of the comments on his site to "mark as offensive". we should add that to AMB.