Monday, May 12, 2008

Poll Results: Who Makes the Best Cupcakes In NYC?

The results of the Cupcake Poll are in: Billy's and Magnolia have tied for their respective tasty perfection, leaving the butter-cream, all-bark-no-bite disappointment of Cupcake Cafe and its ilk behind.

This confirms what I have suspected all along: that readers of A Mouse Bouche are hip,cool, discerning, and have their tastebuds screwed on correctly. You may all continue to subscribe.

And vote in the next poll!

The Boo


The Mouse said...

Except for the vote for crumbs(which has always struck me as the corporate cupcake.) Get thee to Billy's, whoever you are!

(and for the record, i do like some cupcake cafe when i'm feeling particularly girlie and in need of a flower.)

luis18 said...

I was recently told that Nana's Treats on 17th St. was even better. I can't confirm the reliability of the source, but it's worth a try. Honestly, when is eating a cupcake such a burden?