Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poll Results: Viva Las Microwaves!

Microwaves are:
Good Only For Popcorn and Day-Old Takeout: 3 votes
Turning us Into Mutants, one Frozen Burrito at a Time: 5 votes
As Deserving of Love as Ovens. Smaller, Faster, Sexier Ovens: 6 votes

I've lived sans microwave for the past six years because, okay, I'm cheap and lack counter space. Every so often when I pull a container of chicken soup out of the freezer I have a pang when I think about how many hours it'll be before I can have my first hot spoonful. Mostly, though, our mother's paranoia about not standing in front of the microwave lest your ovaries shrivel has made me think the next generation who grew up eating nuked babyfood will have ten-headed children. But you, gentle readers, sweet micro-lovers, are making me give this another thought. After all, what is mutation if not evolution? And I do love me some popcorn.

1 comment:

M. said...

You know I still have that extra microwave in my coat closet, right? Come on, join we mutants.