Monday, March 16, 2009

Stump the Cook

Dear Mouse,

I'm not sure what is going on with me. Procrastination (supposed to be writing new music for this big upcoming show)? avoidance of Life Issues such as the fact that MM is about to move to Chicago? the onset of spring fever? some kind of misplaced Purim-Carnival frenzy? I. Cannot. Stop. Cooking.

Here's my week/end:

* Saturday: Beef Stew. An all-day event involving the Farmers Market, Whole Foods, compare-and-contrast recipe research, and my Le Creuset's maiden voyage. In the end it was half yours, half Ina's, with a few tweaks. Good dinner, GREAT leftovers, just in time for Patty's Day.

* Sunday involved two restaurants, so you'd think my culinary ardor would have cooled a bit.
1. Brunch w/MM at this cheap/adorable place in Brooklyn
2. Mom's birthday dinner at Raoul's with you.

I blame the euphoria-inducing asparagus vinagrette/quinoa appetizer ("It's like springtime on a plate!" I kept repeating, to anyone who would listen, which was no one) for the fact that I STILL ended the evening in the kitchen, at 2AM! AFTER going out!! mixing up a batch of blueberry muffins. (Come to think of it, I blame you, for the bag of tiny frozen wild blueberries from Trader Joe's. They came out violet-tinged, and perfect. I'll say it again: Soda No, Powder Yes.) Breakfast for a week.

* Monday I read this recipe on the Wednesday Chef (who we've just found out reads AMB!! Yay), realized I had half the ingredients, hit the corner store, and made it for dinner. I forgot the ginger and tried to fudge the spice blend, and it came out not great. But I'll try again.

Now here's where you come in. And, I hope, a few of the people reading our oh-so-private correspondence here.

As you know, I am a devoted listener of a certain weekly food-related radio show, which frequently features a segment called "Stump the Cook". A listener calls in, lists five ingredients, and the host has to come up with a recipe using all of them that the caller would actually consider eating. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to think of something for me to do with these five currently in my kitchen, before this culinary frenzy of mine dies down. Ready?

* half pound of mushrooms from farmer's market
* pound of farmer's market small potatoes
* fresh rosemary & thyme
* 2 eggs
* bunch of parsley I bought instead of cilantro by accident

May the best Foodie win.

The Boo


Anonymous said...

GC southern-seeming sunny hash-browns.
Shave the small potatoes into a very fine series of flakes (use peeler or mandolin), combine with whole bunch of parsley and semi-chopped mushrooms. On medium heat, brown the potatoes in skillet, turning over when browned. Do not stir continuously. Add parsley. Add Mushrooms towards the end. Break eggs into the skillet after potatoes are removed. Keep them sunny-side up and sprinkle thyme and rosemary liberally onto the freshly cracked eggs. When eggs are perfect sunny concoctions, place each on a bed of your mushroom/potato hashbrowns. Serves two. Best with bloody-marys.

Verification word: distalin. noun--prescription drug, used to treat addiction to power-tools. side-effects include heavy eyes, watery ankles, and inflated sense of one's own ability with humor.

whatever wendy said...

big frittata. or multiple frittatae.

Anonymous said...

blueberry muffins baking late at night...ymmmm
GC's delightful entry a winner!

inspired, now that it is officiialy Spring but still producing snow to do a stew...what recipe Mouse?

The Mouse said...

Yeah, I think the GC's entry might be your best bet. All of my options involved adding chicken, cheese, or bread which is probably against the rules.

Wendy: "frittatae" best word ever.

And Max, here is the book club beef stew recipe: