Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stump the Cook - Results!

Dear Mouse,

Ok, sure, you might say the high odds of the recipe being cooked FOR me played a role in my decision. However, I might say that no one else came through with any suggestions, and the mushrooms were going to go bad, to say nothing of the eggs. And we would both be right.

Kudos to the GC for his beautiful Sunny Eggs concoction. It was delicious!! Two mounds of sliced up little new potatoes, mushrooms, and red pepper (yes an ingredient was added), fried in a delicious mass, sprinkled with fresh herbs and crowned with a sunny-side up egg.
A brilliant solution to the "not enough eggs for an egg-based recipe" problem, and a damn fine breakfast dish. Thanks GC!

Happy Spring!

The Boo

PS. In other Egg Related Miracle News, I had to post this picture. At our Spring Equinox dinner, we blew eggs and painted them, something we did last year too. At one point, I broke last year's eggshell.... and THIS was inside.

You guys see the leaping deer, right? It isn't just me??

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Recipe man said...

ha! that does look like dear.
nice post!