Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dear Mouse,

I think one of the hallmarks of living in New York is the high incidence of coincidences. (Say that five times fast.) What would be a good word for a food-related coincidence? I welcome suggestions. A gastronomic synchronicity? Gastronicity?

2PM. I meet The Baker for a long-overdue lunch. The Baker, as you know, is our cousin-by-marriage and a professional pastry chef (currently working at a much Blogged about place), and every month or so we get together to eat some kind casual lunch (ie, at this Counter of Bliss) and complain about our work/lives. What could be more NY than that?

Today was GoodBurger off Union Square (Blah. It's organic, but I prefer Old Town, and fries should NEVER cost extra, anywhere.) The Baker's Rant du Jour focused on a certain trendy dessert spot in the East Village. (Ok he began by announcing, "I hate Food Bloggers", but I know he doesn't mean us.)

"Now it's Momofuku Ssam... 'MILK Bar'!'" he sneered, spreading his napkin over his lap. "I mean, please. You know what she does?", he asked with relish, referring to the chef. "OK.. she soaks cornflakes.. in milk.. and then serves the milk! What is that??! And the 'Compost Cookies'?" He made a short, strangled sound, shook his head, and sat back with a kind of bitter satisfaction. "People go crazy over it. It's ridiculous."

"The Emperor has No Clothes," I suggested, eating his fries. I had, of course, not yet been there, or heard of it. He nodded vigorously. We finished our meal and went on with the day.

That night, I go to see this show (Blah #2, despite my soft spot for many solo shows) at the Public with a fellow Lab alum, BT. BT is fun to hang out with because she, like we, is a performing-artist type, and also like we, and possibly more, is a Fierce Foodie. She's married to this guy, tends bar til all hours, loves to cook, and is one of those people who's always saying "Oh, have you been to...?" or "Do you know about..?" in a really sweet enthusiastic voice that makes me all too eager to say "No, but let's go now!" She, like The Baker, is a great resource for what's Out There on the scene.

So it didn't surprise me at all that she suggested stopping by a dessert spot in the East Village after the show. And really, given my views of the universe, it shouldnt have surprised me at all that the dessert spot was Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery. But, come on!! That very night?? And I'd never been there before?

What could I do but order a cup of the Cap'n Crunch* soft serve ice cream, to go? It was clearly Meant to Be.


The Boo

*(Excuse me, the "Sweet Corn Soft Serve", for legal reasons.) Other options: 'fruity' (Fruity Pebbles), 'marshmallow' (Lucky Charms), and 'cereal milk' (just cornflakes). BT got a Compost Cookie (butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, pretzels, and potato chips)

PS. Full disclosure: Ok...the first bite is kind of shockmazing. It's salty, sweet... and really tastes exactly like the milk at the bottom of your Capn Crunch bowl! Wow. However, on reflection... is that really something you want to drink/eat? I brought home a small, $4, cup of the stuff to test with the GC and we did not finish it. It's not really, as I said to him, a flavor I'd go back to. A great experiment, but a cookies-n-cream or dulce de leche it's not. So, Baker, I get it. But I'm still glad I tried.


The Baker said...

OK - Baker here. Just a little note from me. I don't hate food bloggers. My issue is that most of what I read are rants of negativity from people who seem to be looking for problems. The blog that I am on currently is what I think an example of a wonderful food blog is. It's a celebration of food, and what it provides-life. It is not what I find alot- people looking to be specifically negatively critical. On that note, I don't know why the Milk Bar thing bothers me so much, but it does. Cheers to them for actually doing it and being successful, but something about the whole thing urks me. As soon as I can articulate it, I'll get back to you. Until then, I'll be throwing dough somewhere in the east village or chelsea.

GC said...

verification word: tualasca.

tualasca: derivation--very american. noun, a place to send former horrible vice-presidential candidates.