Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Fast and Dirty Valentines

Dear Boo,

A quick post-Valentine's missive to tell you about my yummy dinner last night to file away for any time you need a fast and charmingly sexy meal, and to encourage any lurking readers to come see you play tonight at Joe's Pub! I will be there, digesting my meal and rocking out.

So, here we go:

The Boyfriend was awake at 5:30am to shoot a short film all day yesterday, so we knew it would be a long and tiring Valentine's, and not one that would make either of us too excited about braving the crowds and inflated prices for dinner out. (Incidentally, I ended up shooting a part in the film as well. Nothing makes it feel like Valentine's more than playing a desperate, sex-obsessed housewife intent on making The Boyfriend my cabana boy, if you know what I mean.) So, dinner in was the plan, and we set out to shop. Apparently this is where the crowds were, after all, as Amy's Bread in Chelsea Market was out of bread--gasp!--and the line for lobsters at the Lobster Place wound around the store like an overfed eel. But we made it back home and I set to work, accompanied by the Ray Charles album from the Boyfriend and his cute singing card.

The Menu: Fast and Dirty. Quick recipes, two out of three eaten with our hands. What's sexier than that?

Stuffed Artichokes: I Love love love artichokes, but never tried making them. It took some prep, but definitely nothing to be scared of. The Boyfriend loved it--I thought it was a little too much breading and would go with a traditional artichoke vinaigrette next time--when you tear through the petals and get to that heart, Nothing is so sweet. Metaphor, anyone?

(sorry, my camera died and this is the only shot I got of these....)

Mussels: From the Barefoot Contessa in Paris book, another quick, sexy, and elegant course that we could eat with our hands right from the pot. Kind of like when you share a popcorn bucket at the movies on your first date and your fingers keep meeting and you end up holding hands amidst the salty kernels. Actually, not like that at all. That would be gross. We had to stop ourselves from eating too much broth-soaked bread, as there was more to come...

Pasta Puttanesca: "Whore's" Pasta, named supposedly for the Ladies of the night who used to make this for their clients from whatever ingredients were already in the pantry. Or so they say. I say it's quick (natch), and the sauce is making me salivate to think of now. Briny with capers and olives, salty and a little fishy from the anchovies, garlicky from the... garlic. We had mini portions which we even debated eating at all since we were so full (and tired) at this point.

As a result, we skipped dessert which was store bought anyway--I know, I know. It was a long day.

(Some quick dessert ideas: Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over, sliced figs with ricotta, honey, and chopped walnuts, root beer floats, roasted pear halves drizzled with cream)

Can't wait to hear you play tonight!

Leftovers and Love,

The Mouse


Unknown said...

I would say that absolutely nothing can fill my heart more than my two daughters' love and suport for eachother - that they are immensely talented, beautiful and clever beyond and that this blog is a treat that I am absolutely so sure my mother and father are reading and qvelling up there in the land of are gorgeous in every way my dearest Megan and
I know, I know...this is too public a venue for this kind of sentimentality, but was that kind of joyous night, yes? we are so proud...the putenesca sounds divine and the dessert, a personal request for the future....this blog is sooo tasty, isn't it? comon, people...speak up!!!!!!

The Mouse said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Mother.

Anonymous said...

but seriously, you're putting us to shame. we ordered pizza, drank chimay, and inhaled some bon-bons from whole foods. how's that for romantic?

besos, i.