Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes We Did.

Dear Boo,

I have a post about our pig roast waiting in the wings but first I feel it's necessary to acknowledge the amazing events of the past few days. I can't quite put into words how proud, excited, relieved, humbled, and in awe I feel, so instead I'll put it into food.

It's kind of like going from 8 years of eating bad cafeteria food feeling like you'll never have any options beyond the dried out mac and cheese and mystery meat, to having someone open a door you never noticed at the back of that cafeteria which leads to a room full of sushi, chile rellenos and a taco bar, steaming bowls of spaghetti with sausage ragu, roasted chickens with crispy skin and roasted potatoes, and heaps of cupcakes. And everyone is invited to the party and better yet, everyone wants to learn how to cook these succulent dishes to pitch in to keep the platters full.

Let's get cooking. We've got a lot of hungry people to feed.


The Mouse

P.S. Nothing makes me feel more patriotic than the Barefoot Contessa's Flag Cake. Yum.
PPS. From the Boo: From another food angle, please note this oddly hilarious opinion piece from the Times. ("Finally, A Thin President")


Arlene said...

oohh, gross to cook, but delish to eat! I'm very, very impressed that you were able to do're too cool. love you...xoxoxo

The Mouse said...

For anyone who might be confused, i think this comment was intended for the following post "Hamlet Prince of Pigs". just a guess.