Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mousy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Dear Boo,

I am oh so thankful this year for you, my sister, this, our blogtastic creation, our wonderful family who appreciates the subtle superiority of a brined turkey, an aunt who makes a kickass Thanksgiving spread set on a table that would knock Martha's Wellies right off, the optimism displayed by our country in these hard and sad times, the awesome boots I just got for a fraction of the price, my nice cozy apartment on a cold winter night, a city with infinite answers to the question "what do you feel like for dinner?", a reasonable amount of disposable income with which to explore said answers, our aunt's recipe for perfect and easy pumpkin bread, the book I just finished that made me sob before I even had a chance to realize how good it was, you, dear readers, and other things too numerous to mention.

To celebrate, the annual parade of floats gargantuan, elaborate, and colorful:

The turkey. Brined in cider, salt, pepper, herbs. Moist and crispy. Usually it's all about the sides for me, but this year the turkey was where it's at.


The spread. Stuffing. Brussels sprouts with pecans. Sweet potatoes. Sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes).Turkeyleaf Mise en place.

Plate o bird.

Pumpkin bread. Corn muffins.

So good it deserves it's own picture.

Pumpkin log stuffed with gingered mascarpone.

Best. Pie. Ever.
You gonna eat that?
You gonna eat that?
You gonna eat that?
I'll eat that.

--"Birch" by Karen Shepherd

With love and admiration for auntie and uncle for feeding us all so darn well.


The Mouse


Arlene said...

Aw, shucks ladies...what a wonderful posting with wonderful photos.You know how much we love to have this holiday - the only thing missing were your cousins and of course the boyfriend. (what a cute dog!) With love....

vicki said...

just when I was beginning to feel gastronomically (? can I say that? or is it ) normal...I'm ready to work my way through it all over again...ah, more holidays up ahead.
excuse me anyone reading this but.
I am so knocked out by the Hart sisters..women of real character and joie thankful I am to be around to watch this all unfolding...thought this petite post so warm and lovely....max

(btw, would you mind sharing the excellent book's title?)

The Mouse said...

Yes! it's under 'things we like today'-- called Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro (author of remains of the day). brilliant.

and thanks for all the love, ladies :)

Joy the Baker said...

that spread looks amazing! it sure looks like you had one super blessed thanksgiving. just the pictures of the food gave me warm feelings from the inside out!

annie mac said...

talk about the side is marshmellows, and the other is ?? your dinner was better! not to throw ronnie under the bus. we ate @ family friends'....