Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Happy and Holy Birthday to me!

Dear Boo,

Despite my youthful demeanor, it is sad but true that i have recently turned the ripe old age of 21. So maybe its not the first time I've celebrated the ol Two-One, what of it? what's important is that as you know, we partied it out like it was Spring Break 1999. The boyfriend in a major brownie-point move, threw a party for me to celebrate with some of my closest friends, and a plastic tub full of champagne. Suffice it to say it was a good time. so good that I woke up looking sort of like Charlize Theron in Monster. But that's besides the point. The point was, it was a great party. One of the highlights was the fantastically gorgeously sugarbomb of a cake made by my lovely sister. I had been eagerly anticipating tasting this creation ever since this conversation with said sister:

Boo: I'm going to make a cake for your birthday. Any requests? You made me the Coconut Rum Cake i asked for for my birthday, so what do you want?

Mouse: No requests, just something yummy. Maybe with frosting.

(time passes)

Boo: I came up with the best cake idea for your birthday! Want me to tell you what it is?

Mouse: Well--

Boo: Or should I keep it a surprise? I'll keep it a surprise.

Mouse: Okay--

Boo: Okay, it's a magnolia cupcake cake!!!!!!

Despite the lack of suspense, the cake did not disappoint. Look at how dreamy and pink it is...

Now I lurrrve me some Magnolia cupcakes and this was like one large cupcake. Which i guess is what a cake is. since a cupcake is just a small version of a cake. Well I think we all learned something today.

NOTE from the Boo: You too can have Magnolia cupcakes without the agony of waiting in a line around the block in the West Village! The recipe is published online HERE

Incidentally, (because I can't seem to write an entry without some religious connotation) Pope Benedict XVI celebrated HIS 21st birthday (plus 60 years) just two days after mine! HE, sadly, did not get a pink magnolia cupcake cake to wish on. Instead, George W. presented him with this:

Not bad, I'd say. A little bland-- I mean, the white is kind of an obvious choice for his Holiness, and it looks to me like it's covered in fondant which as far as I'm concerned, is appropriate only for wedding cakes and only if you're not able to score a cupcake cake for the occasion. That said, what do you get the Pope for his birthday?? And what is he wishing for in this photo? A new toy from Brookstone? Talk about the guy who has everything. Including a direct line to the Lord--which I'd think would trump the ol birthday candle method. I imagine W standing behind him for the photo-op yelling, "what're you waitin for?! Blow em out, Benny! Blow em out and make a wish!!" just before launching into a rousing chorus of "How Old Are you Now"...

Anyway... it was happy birthday all around thanks in no small part to large quantities of butter and confectioner's sugar. Long live the frosting-topped muffin! Let it live in our hearts forever and ever Amen.

The Mouse

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Trouble Jones said...

I love the Pope. He is so HOT.