Monday, January 16, 2012

Om Shanti, KC

Dear Mouse,

It's that time again.
a play and media project about our environmental challenges
Runs Feb 17 - March 19 at Kansas City Rep

Hello hello from Kansas City MO, where I'll be living and blogging for the next two months. I still can't quite believe that this is the fourth year in a row I'm working out of town Jan-March; I'm starting to think of it as my annual pilgrimage to... America. You know I've had a love affair with Going Away in general ever since my sandal-wearing, patchouly-scented, guitar-strumming Summer Camp days. But I especially dig the, say, liminal nature of the first night in town, before rehearsals start, when you have no idea what lies ahead. You land in a strange new world, navigate a new grocery store, unpack your clothes, listen to the SILENCE around you, breathe maybe a little differently, and ponder upcoming challenges. And when I speak of challenges, I mean figuring out how I am going to approach playing twin sisters (!!!), and also I mean things like this:

Hi, my name's Steve, I'll be your Fork for the next two months. Not kidding.

Yes, the lay of the land here in Kitchen Stadium is interesting.

No oven. Like the song says, I got two electric burners and a microwave...

Stay tuned. I think it'll be like camping. (Really, really nice camping). It'll bring me back to that herb-scented, celestially-seasoned self of yesteryear. Which already seems kind of appropriate. Because I've never been here before and really know nothing about this town, but if my first five hours are anything to go by...

... Kansas City is full of hippies!!
(Shh, don't scare them off.)

Evidence collected thus far:

* company manager picks Boo up at airport, beaming in the 65-degree sunshine (speaking of environmental challenges) and sporting a pair of sunglasses that say "love" on both sides

* Nature's Own, the organic grocery store two blocks away!! where I foraged this afternoon. The checkout girl told me she liked my hair. As I floated home with my arms full of turkish apricots, self-churned peanut butter, and Amy's organic frozen dinners, I stopped to gawk atPhoenix Herb, the homeopathic place next door with its rows and rows of mysterious leaves in glass jars.

* welcome packet at the hotel is definitely the best of its kind I have ever seen and includes the following:
-a bag of Zum products (all-natural frankincense/lavender/lemon bar soap, hand sanitizer, and aromatherapy spray, as well as eucalytpus-scented "laundry soap")
-'seventh-generation' natural dish soap
-reusable grocery shopping bag
-plastic baggies of raw cashews and almonds
-and this

Relax, relax, they're tea bags, they're tea bags.
But it took me a second too.

I went 'home', rolled out my yoga mat, sprayed my pillows with lavender/lemon, and fired up some quinoa and raw kale for dinner. I kid you not. And if last week I was wondering why this highly anticipated new show about climate change, planetary stewardship, and environmental responsibility was premiering so far 'out of town'... it is starting to make sense. Om shanti, KC, I think I'm gonna like it here.


The Boo

PS. Lest I give a totally skewed perspective, rest assured that this glossary of "BBQ Terms" was part of our welcome packet too.


Anonymous said...

forgive me while I live vicariously ....just a little....
oh my I just went there with you

CT Gramma said...

OK, bought a box of quinoa at Trader Joe's to try and found it --um -- disappointing. What do you do with that stuff to make it palatable? Not trying to be hip, just healthy, but flavor is required.

The Boo said...

ha! yes. I just use it as I would rice or couscous... I like to add chopped herbs and vegetables and spice... Mark Bittman has a "breakfast quinoa" in food matters where you kind of treat it like oatmeal. You can have it with chopped nuts and dried fruit. There are also boxes that come with spice packets which i like.It's high in protein.

oh and I made a fake 'risotto' with it and blogged about it I think last year..?

The Boo said...

also i think the key is not too much water; it's gross when soggy.

CT Gramma said...

Maybe I'll have to try again. Maybe.

The Boo said...

and check out the Amateur Gourmet's post on this very issue!