Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Life Gives You Apples...

"Comrades - real comrades - are your family. Bonds of the spirit are stronger than blood, and a true friend is worth a thousand kin."
-Euripides, 'Orestes'. (Written 2,400 years ago.) (Yes, this includes Mice.)

"I guess you're just what I needed/ I needed someone to feed" - the Cars

Dear Mouse,

There were quite a few contenders for the title of this post, most of them along the lines of "Happy Valentines Day To Me", "Snowpocalypse Now", or the ever popular, "Really??!!??" But none of these had anything to do with food.

I'm thinking of selling the movie rights to my week/end. You can't write this s**t. Of course, I'd have to alter it somewhat. No one would believe it all, and I would be sent home from the pitch meeting with a stern admonition to review all of Sex & the City's plotlines before attempting so blatantly to steal. I believe it would read more like Sex & the City meets 'Lost' with a sprinkling of 'Planes Trains and Automobiles' and a soupcon of 'Schindler's List'.

I can't possibly write it all out. I just tried like five times and erased it all, boring myself. How bout this tried and true format instead?

Things To Remember:

* Cabin fever is real. Snowmaggeddon hit us in DC resulting in 4 cancelled shows and 3 days housebound. I stopped making eye contact and hid in the bathtub.
* "Snowmaggedon" is ridiculous.
* If your band meeting gets rescheduled more than 3 times, it's not going to happen, even if you came into NYC for it.
* It is possible for a theatre to both cancel your show AND call you back to DC a day early so you can be there to not do it.
* Amtrak will never ask to look at your ID, unless of course you have to get back to DC to not do your show, and have left your ID there and only realize this when it's too late.
* Amtrak will not accept a frantically faxed photocopy from your stage manager.
* Nothing could close the Post Office. Not rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor - oh, wait, except snow.
* If you get up at 530 for the 7AM bus, all buses will be canceled.
* If you are planning to break up with someone, it's best to turn your phone off while discussing this with friends, lest you accidentally call her and leave this conversation in voicemail form ... on Valentine's Day.
* When life gives you bad apples, make this:

Ye Olde Ina Garten Apple Crisp. Perfect.
Resist the temptation to take it out early, and eat it with vanilla ice cream.

I know I say this all the freakin' time and it's probably why we don't have a book deal, but I am just consistently and joyfully amazed by the power of community and by the simple and significant role that food/cooking has within that. As you noted in the past post, there's something about transforming raw materials into delicious sustenance with your own two hands that gives one hope and perspective. Thanks to the little transient family in the actor house, what could have been a really bad day ended with a glowing table, good stories, and a delicious, sweet spiced apple crisp with orange zest and bubbling caramel edges. This morning, our Orestes pointed out a bag of apples he'd bought that were in danger of going south and asked "Do you think we could make something out of these?" With a big smile on my face, I set to peeling ... and healing. Happy Valentines Day after all.

The Boo

P.S. I have also now eaten fried Milky Way at this "Pittsburgh Style" (What??) dive bar. Not quite as healing.


Keri said...

aww hoo ha. This message made me laugh and be sad at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I am refraining from saying anything that I might regret....so let it just be said that that Apple Crisp (which I have also made) looks absolutely fantastic and I wish I was eating it at this very moment.
Love you lots & lots,

pdxblogmommy said...

Mmmm...Crisp. LOVE it.

I'd have wussed out and made apple SAUCE.

Well, that or just eat an apple and pour some booze down my throat.

But Crisp is good too.

pdxblogmommy said...

p.s. Once a long time ago, your mother spent a lovely evening with a 25 year old me after a phone break-up that I was not prepared for.

Not fun. But at least we were at the Carlyle!

love you!

Anonymous said...

ha! yes!
loved the sentiments at the top ! how true how true but i say thank god for sisters!! Crisp looked gorgeous!
but fried candy bar? what?

Julia said...

Yes. Sometimes one's kin can be, ahem, disappointing. Sorry for your surreal weekend. Happy for your crisp and your fantastic community/family of artists, both in DC and at home. xo

LM said...

From a lurker moved to comment who knows your Mum/Dad...Yuck and Yum (if only I wasn't gluten-free)! Sending you some much needed sunshine from The Bahamas.

mags said...

This is the only food blog I know that can make me cry.