Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paradise, ME

I believe this sign needs no further explanation.
(4th of July Fish Fry on the Pier, Stonington ME)

Dear Mouse,


"Do you think that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream."

Where to begin? I'm back from a blissful, no cell phone/no internet, lyrical, nature-loving, song-filled month on little Deer Isle, working, as you may recall, on a production of A Midsummer Nights Dream which turned out to be KICK- A**. Literally, as you may notice from the unsightly bruises covering both my legs. I wear them with pride.

The full story of this experience is going to have to be published elsewhere, under the title: "A Tedious Brief Scene of My Midsummer in Stonington: Very Tragical Mirth". We've had long blog posts before but I believe even AMB readers have limits. I will not even talk (here) about the production, which was GORGEOUS and funny and magical and of which I was very proud and sad it only ran for 2 weeks. I will not boast of having played both a Lover and THREE of the Mechanicals rolled into one hilarious part complete with Thpeech Impediment. I will not gleefully relive the packed houses of lovely Maine audiences who stood up at the curtain calls, approached us in the streets, and made us part of their community.
4th of July Parade. I'm on the left.

'Faery Licenses' as a parting gift for the 4 local girls in our cast, made by the Faerie Queene herself!

I will not whisper tales of the Cast House in the Woods with the guardian Luna Moth, the white roses by the front window, the Giant Multi-Person Bathtub, Spacious Kitchen/Communal meals (ok, I will talk some about that), and all-night living room jam sessions with the band from the show for entertainment instead of TV or similar. oh, just a field I passed while walking NEXT TO MY HOUSE.
Same walk. I think everyone needs one of these signs.
Turns out you CAN 'make the pie higher'.

I will not here discuss the vertigo and confusion of re-entering NYC life.

I will, however, tell you that if you go: try to visit Jan and Evelyn at the Purple Fish gallery and buy a 'singing bookmark'. If you are lucky, Jan will play his guitar and you will stand there singing 3 or 4 part madrigals with this tiny elfin couple until they think you're done. Also, try to be cool enough to get invited to an 'open mic' in someone's barn, where you will hear some great local folk and blues while birds flutter in the rafters, someone's dog runs through the chairs, and the field outside is so full of fireflies it looks like grounded lightning. Go to the Farmers Market up the street from the theatre, on Friday mornings, where we bought local sausage, bacon, whole chicken, goat cheese adorned with pressed flowers, and moisturizer made from beeswax, coconut oil, and roses. Go to the 4th of July Fish Fry on the Pier and eat clam fritters and lobster rolls. Drink blueberry ale. Get a 'Moose Tracks' cone at the Stonington Ice Cream Co. window, where, after the day my friend requested coffee, they kept a pot going with a note that said "Coffee for Stephanie". Go (duh) check out what's playing at the Stonington Opera House.

Stay at the Inn on the Harbor (or at least have a drink on the deck) if you're not lucky enough to live here:
or, of course, here:

Also, on second thought, don't go, because I want it all to myself.

In closing, I will unveil the latest Mouse/Boo collaboration with pride, inspired by this sojourn. Well, ok, actually, The Boyfriend o'Mouse invented it, but I bought the main ingredient and you named it; that has to count for something. What better way to ease my transition out of the realm of Faery than this tiny perfect cocktail, made with a shot of icy vodka and a drizzle of the Rose Flower Syrup I bought at the specialty foods shop right up the road from the theatre.

The 'Puck Fair(y)', ladies & gentlemen.

Closing day just before showtime we ran into Jan & Evelyn on the pier and said we hoped to be back next summer. She nodded and said "We'll be waiting for you."

"Lovers, to bed. 'Tis almost faery time."

I can't wait.

The Boo
PS. My first gig back? At a venue called "PUCK LIVE" in Doylestown PA on Sat, Jul 25, 10PM. No lie.


annie said...

beautiful! you, it, the entry - all. xoxox

Anonymous said...

I was transported...transformed, know where I will spirit myself away to when to going gets...

...and, ahem, the pie??? recipe for? looks gorgeous - or is the Island's perfume sufficient nourishment...remember us poor city folk :-)