Sunday, October 19, 2008

**Breaking News** Cindy McCain's Butterscotch Plagiarism

Dear Mouse,

" I think you're a fabulist." - Crawl: Fade to White by .Sheila Callaghan
Oh. The. Hilarity.

Holy Republicans, Batman ... You heard it here first folks! In keeping with her husband's, shall we say, commitment to "truthiness", Mrs. McCain proved she is no mean fabulist herself.

A surplus of butterscotch chips in my house led me to the internet to find recipes. Huh - one of the hits was titled "Cindy McCain's butterscotch cookies".
Well, that's funny in itself, I thought, picturing us munching them during an evening with making calls for Obama - when I saw THIS NEXT POST, titled "Cindy McCain Cooks up More Controversy".

Read about it HERE.

After publishing her supposed down-home, original recipe butterscotch concoction in Family Circle and a few other mags, it comes out that the woman stole the recipe! from HERSHEY's, no less.

"Oh, they'll never find this one out.. it's merely an obscure manufacturer of sweets who might only publish its recipes on MOST of its bags..."

THEN I realized that the bag of 'scotch chips I have in the kitchen is one such bag.

So I checked.

And (but for a slightly different butter measurement, I think?) it is indeed the same recipe, published as "Oatmeal Scotchies".

In her defense, how many ways are there really to make butterscotch oatmeal cookies? Aw. I guess that just makes this "Gotcha" Blogging. I'll probably make them anyway.

The Boo
P.S. I made them. And then gave all of them away as they are WAY too sweet for me. Live and learn.

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