Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poll Results: Sweatin to the Russians!

Best Cure for an Overindulgent Night Out?
Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips. Seriously, try it. : 2 votes
Hair o the Dog, Baby: 0 votes
Greasy Breakfast Foods: 3 votes
Many many glasses of water. While in a cold shower. : 2 votes
Nothing to do but take a couple Tylenol and sleep it off: 1 vote
Sweat it out at the Russian Baths. See Post for Details: 5 votes

Well, clearly the Boo is very convincing since the Russian Baths won by a (relative) landslide. And I'm willing to bet 3 out of those 5 haven't even visited yet (mom)! Personally, I'm there as soon as I can get my butt out from behind the computer. A Mouse Bouche fieldtrip anyone? I will, however, come bearing Salt and Vinegar potato chips in case I don't sweat it out fast enough. Though, the way things have been looking during this 90 degree weather, that shouldn't be a problem. (It ain't pretty)

xoxo mouse

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