Monday, June 9, 2008

My Apartment is a (Disco) Inferno

Dear Boo,

It's friggin HOT out there. Seriously, what the F? A minute ago it was 70 degrees and I was carrying around a jacket for post 7pm wear. Now it's like New York has been temporarily transported to somewhere super tropical, like OH I dunno, THE CENTER OF THE SUN? The Boyfriend turned on the oven for about 4 minutes to toast a bagel and spontaneously combusted from the heat (he will be missed). I have taken 5 showers in the past two days and if my computer were waterproof, I'd be writing from there right now. This weather makes me sweaty, cranky, and may be the only thing on the planet to deter me from eating. The only things that sound remotely appealing to me are a nice cool bowl of spicy gazpacho, a tub of watermelon cubes that I could sit in while I eat them, and a icy, creamy, frozen sundae.

In lieu of a recipe, because you'd be insane to turn on a burner, here is my recommendation to you:
1) Put on as little clothing as possible, but make sure you have pockets.
2) Stuff said pockets with ice packs, frozen grapes, and those plastic-sleeved, neon-colored frozen icee treats in case you need to stop for sustenance.
3) Blow up your plastic kiddie pool while in the A/C comfort of your home.
4) Take it with you to 10th Street, on that funny little block between 3rd and 4th Aves. There you will find a charming ice cream parlor called Sundaes and Cones. Its whitewashed walls, warm lighting, long glass counters and outdoor benches make you feel like you're in Nantucket or Montauk or Fire Island, anywhere but this bloody city. Ask for samples of the off-beat flavors on offer such as Sweet Corn, Wasabi, Sesame, or Taro Root, because how can you not at least TRY them before you order a waffle cone (oh, the smell of those baking!) piled high with maple walnut, chocolate peanut butter, or my personal fave, peppermint stick.
I'd say to enjoy your cone on the benches outside under the trees but who are we kidding. Stay inside, set up kiddie pool, (Store is remarkably spacious) and preserve the illusion of being on vacation.

Wait a second, am I being cruel and insensitive to you Boo? I think they have sugar free sorbet you could eat... Or just go and bask in the smell of the waffles baking and pretend you're 9 again on Summer Vacation. That's just as sweet.

The Mouse

P.S. I didn't actually have a photo of S&C so I borrowed this one from this cute blog. Don't be mad, k?

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iracel said...

i love this place. taro root is freakin' delicious. and in this weather, it's easier to get to 10th street than all they way down to grimy chinatown for some chinatown ice cream factory treats. yay!